CMH Multan is 600 beds multispeciality, well established, tertiary care hospital. The hospital was established in 1879 as a 100-bedded hospital near Multan airport area. Hospital comprised of British and Indian Wings. British Red Cross Society took over administration for about a year before independence. It shifted to present location in 1947-48 while British wing rounded up later.

In 1958, bed strength of the hospital was increased to 200 beds and doubled to 400 beds in 1965. Hosp was upgraded to 600 bedded in 1983.

There has been a significant increase in the covered area of the hospital on gradual addition of new departments. The major additions are as under: –

S/No. Wards/Departments Year
a. Officer ward, officers family ward, surgical ward
Rehab Medicine Department, X-ray lab and OT
b. JCOs/sldrs Family wing, AFNS officers mess 1973
c. ITC 1983
d. Spec OPD (Ground Floor) 1984
e. Isolation ward 1989
f. MDC 1998
g. Child OPD and child nursery 2000
h. Spec OPD (first floor) 2001
i. New OT 2002
j. AFNS Nursing School 2007
k. Mini AFIT 2009
l. Cafeteria 2009
m. OPD Complex, CCU, Trauma, MRC 2010 2010


Indoor Workload/Hospital Admission

Total admissions and daily average are as under: –



Total Admission


Daily Average


General OPDs

OPDs attendance and daily average attendance for the year 2014 and a brief detail of workload is as under:-



 Yr 2014


 Daily Average